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Your entry door is almost always one of the first things guests notice about your home. Designer Windows & Siding is the go-to replacement entry door company in Groveton. We carry a lineup of first-rate products and offer superior customer service. 

We’re also proud to have a multitude of five-star reviews which you can take a look at on our testimonials page. And if you have questions about getting an entry door replacement in Groveton, we invite you to give us a call – a member of our expert crew is ready to help! 

Types of Front Doors

What makes one entry door different from the others? First of all, the material used to craft the door. Wood, steels, and fiberglass are the most commonly used replacement front door materials. While fiberglass and steel do have some similarities, knowing the unique properties of the materials will help you narrow down which entry door is the best for your home.

Wooden Exterior Doors

Wood is a popular material for a replacement door because of its timeless appeal. Whatever your home’s aesthetic, you’ll certainly find a wood entry door to complement it. Wooden doors are built using several species, including walnut, oak, maple, and cherry. 

You also have the option to paint wooden doors to go with your home’s color combination. It’s essential to keep in mind that wood is a natural material so wooden exterior doors will need to be re-stained from time to time to ensure they stay waterproof and dependable. 

Fiberglass and Steel Exterior Doors

Fiberglass and steel replacement doors are desired for their high-end material and minimal maintenance needs. Fiberglass doors are especially tough and won’t undergo rotting, warping, or rusting. Plus, this particular material also lowers heat loss and promotes energy efficiency. 

Steel entry doors also have a reputation for being dependable and tough. These are significant characteristics of front doors, which undergo heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. Plus, steel doors boast a modern design and will raise your property’s curb appeal. 

Groveton’s Go-To Replacement Door Company

A replacement entry door can transform your home’s curb appeal, value, and style. Designer Windows & Siding is home to a diverse collection of quality replacement doors.  

Our experienced staff members will assist you with picking out a unit that matches your budget and style. In addition to all that, we’ll also complete a seamless replacement as well – we’ll be there on time, answer any questions you might have, and won’t complete work until you’re happy with your newly replaced door. 

We provide free project consultations and estimates for replacement entry doors in Groveton. To schedule yours, simply contact us at 703-250-3010 or fill out a short contact form online. 

We’re excited at the prospect of being your Groveton replacement door partner! 

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